It sounds like the set up for a joke about the Cowboys. But the front page headline in today’s Dallas Morning News was:

Mayor Eric Johnson Still Pushing Dream of a Dallas-Based NFL Team

It brings to mind the old joke, “Why doesn’t Fort Worth have an NFL team? Because if they did Dallas would want one too.”

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson has been suggesting on social media that the world champion Kansas City Chiefs should consider relocating the Big D.  He’s making the push again after voters in Missouri rejected a 40 year sales tax that would pay for renovations to 55 year old Arrowhead Stadium.

Mayor Johnson first pitched the idea for an NFL EXPANSION team back in 2022.  On Tuesday, following the Missouri vote he posted this on X:

The Kansas City Chiefs actually WERE the Dallas Texans in the early 1960s before making the move to Kansas City. And that picture on the mayor’s post is a mock-up of the iconic Cotton Bowl, where the Chiefs (nee Texans) played their home games from ’60 to ’62.

But, if the Chiefs ownership wants an upgrade to Arrowhead Stadium, they’re REALLY going to want a major upgrade to the Cotton Bowl. I love the Cotton Bowl because I go to the Oklahoma Texas game there every other year or so. But an NFL caliber stadium, it is not.

The truth is, the Chiefs probably DON’T want to leave K.C. The Chief fans would likely be willing to go to war over such a move…especially NOW when they’re, you know…winning Super Bowls ALL the time.  Cowboys owner Jerry Jones DEFINITELY doesn’t want the Chiefs or any other NFL team horning in on his turf.

This is not to say the Chiefs won’t make a move following the vote. The owners of the Chiefs and Royals sent a joint letter to fans/voters saying there would “be no redo of this campaign”, meaning the sales tax vote. If the Chiefs move anywhere, it would likely be out of Jackson County and across the state line into the Kansas side of the Kansas City Metro.

Sorry, Dallas football fans. It looks like if you want a Super Bowl contender you’ll have to do it with the team you’ve already got.

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