Texas is no stranger to controversies or conspiracy theories; one of the craziest ones might centered around Helen Keller. Anyone who knows Helen Keller knows that she's a famed author who suffered many disabilities like being deaf & blind. However not anyone in Texas BELIEVES Helen was who she said she was...

One person in Texas flat out said Helen Keller is a fraud online

Yes... I really couldn't believe it, but there is an image going around of one person's car sporting A LOT of bumper stickers that say... well...exactly what I just said. This Texan REALLY is convinced that everything about Helen Keller was a lie and wants EVERYONE to know about it.

We don't know what city this photo was taken in, but the license plate is a Texas plate. This person has bumper stickers that read “Helen Keller Denier”, “Helen Keller Was NOT Real”, and “Helen Keller Was a Fraud”, along with some other… not so family friendly messages on their car.

byu/LongmontStrangla inInfowarriorRides

Well.. after seeing that photo, I’m not sure but I THINK this person does not like Helen Keller one bit (gee…I wonder what gave it away?).

The wild thing is...this is not the only person who thinks that Helen Keller wasn't real. TikTok is full of videos with conspiracy theories which you can find here & here. Reddit is also full of Helen Keller posts, even some showing her concern for Texas soldiers after World War II.

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Texas had a problem with Helen Keller even back in 2018

In one of the oddest decisions made by the Texas State Board of Education, they wanted to remove both Hillary Clinton & Helen Keller from being taught in history classes. Thankfully in November 2018, they decided to reverse their decision & put Helen Keller BACK into the school curriculum. The fact that they even CONSIDERED it in the first place is baffling to me. It was baffling to many people online too...

I personally don't understand why all of the hate for Helen Keller is showing up decades after her passing. What a time to live in right?

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