Recently, we discussed the possibility, if any, of mask mandates returning in the state of Texas. With cases on the rise in the state, some were supporting the idea, and others against it. Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas, went previously on record via social media stating mask mandates wouldn't happen again in Texas.

However, the potential was still there for a mandate to be enacted in the case of continued growth of COVID-19 cases. But a new law set to take effect in September will stop any type of mandates regarding the disease take effect in the state of Texas.

New September Law Regarding COVID Mandates In Texas

According to KMBT, on September 1st, the law will go into effect. The law states that local government in Texas will not be able to require COVID-related masks, vaccines for the disease, or shutdown businesses due to COVID cases..

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The one caveat to the law, as KMBT states, is that private businesses are able to set their own rules in regards to restrictions for COVID. While the previous mention of rising cases in the state has some worried, Texas medical professionals have assured things are much better than two years ago.

Dr. Richard Neel, interviewed by the news organization, stated that COVID "doesn’t bear any resemblance to the COVID we were seeing two years ago." In addition, Neel said that it wasn't "a bad preventative step to take," for patients at high-risk to wear a mask.

Are you for or against the new law on September 1st? Let us know by sending us a message using the chat feature on our station app.

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