When you think of Texas, what do you think of? Maybe how big the state is? Maybe the businesses that have spread across the nation?

There's so many things that Texas is known for, and it's truly hard to pin down one thing the state is well known for. But...there is one certain thing we in the state know all too well.

What is that you ask? The Texas heat that practically melts us, and makes us hate summer with a passion just as burning as the sun itself.

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One Cake Helps Put Out The Fire In Texas

Heat makes us go a little bit crazy in this state doesn't it? Sometimes so much so that lose our cool and something rather silly to somebody. We might feel bad after doing an action like that, so some of us will try to make amends.

Thankfully, one familiar store in Texas has use covered, with a very well decorated item might we say. Thanks to a video posted to Tik Tok, we all can see it in its glory:

Oh H-E-B, why does you always seem to know how to make impression? Truly this indeed is the cake we all need during the searing summers in the state. But...this does make us think we need other cakes that could apologize for other silly things.

Imagine a cake that says "Sorry for not loving Buc-ee's as much as you do" or "Sorry I said I disliked Whataburger." Well...now that we think of it, maybe we shouldn't even put that idea into the universe.

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