During the pandemic, two pieces of media kept everyone entertained while stuck in the house. One was the sports documentary The Last Dance, and the other was a documentary by the name of Tiger King. Joe Exotic became a household name due to the fact during COVID we had nothing else to watch or do.

Well, Joe Exotic is back in the media. This time the Tiger King is calling on Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow to get him out of jail. Exotic wrote a letter to Burrow asking him to do everything he could to help Exotic get out of prison.

Joe Exotic not only asked him to raise money for his release, but he also accused Burrow of exploiting his trademark. Exotic is out of his mind thinking that Burrow would one respond to him, and two be able to help him. Look I love Joe Burrow but he's just a quarterback. If Donald Trump couldn't help Exotic when Trump was President then no one can help him. Exotic will just have to sit in jail and wait until his time is up.

Joe Exotic is just salty that he is missing out on all of his fame. In the documentary Tiger King, one thing is for certain and that's Exotic loves fame. And he missed out on all of his fame. But Exotic needs to leave Louisiana's favorite son alone. Joe Burrow will be back on the field Sunday against the Ravens at noon.

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