For the past two seasons, the New Orleans Saints have been plagued with injuries. This season fans were hopeful that the Saints could overcome the injury bug and use their easy schedule to walk into the playoffs. Well, the season hasn't even begun and the Saints are riddled with multiple injuries to a multitude of players both on the offensive and defensive side of the ball.

Let's start on the defensive of the football, where star linebacker Demario Davis suffered an injury to his calf. However, it's not just Davis, as first-round pick of this year's NFL draft Bryan Bresee is also dealing with a calf injury.

On the offensive side of the football, backup running back Eno Benjamin is out for the season with a ruptured Achilles. He left practice about 30 minutes in from a non-contact injury. You hate to see any injury but an Achilles is brutal. Also, Tre’Quan Smith and Rashid Shaheed both acquired groin injuries. And last but not least newly signed offensive lineman Trai Turner is out for the year after suffering an injury to his quad.

The bright side to all of this is that head coach Dennis Allen is hoping that Demario Davis, Bryan Bresee, Tre'Quan Smith, and Rashid Shaheed's injuries are all minor. If they aren't though, that would be a major blow to the Saints and their upcoming season. You couple that with the fact that Trevor Penning is not only coming back from an injury last year but he also suffered a minor injury on July the 27th (he is back practicing), and you have to be concerned as a Saints fan.

Before the season even begins the Saints are stressing out the fanbase. And look I know you can't control injuries and I know that the players hate the fact they are injured more than anyone. But at some point, you have to begin to question the medical staff that the Saints are using because this is going on year 3 where injuries are a major problem for the Saints. Hopefully, they are getting the injury bug now, so it won't happen later. But this is concerning especially when you take the Saints' cupcake-like schedule into consideration. Hopefully, this is something that doesn't continue into the regular season.

The Saints kick off the regular season on September 10th against the Tennessee Titans.

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