It’s fight week ladies and gentlemen and it’s a heavily anticipated showdown between Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje. There is so much on the line for both of these fighters as the winner of this will more than likely get a shot at title next. Islam and Charles Olivera are set for a title fight rematch in October so the championship belt holder could potentially know who they will fight next before the championship fight is held. With everything on the line between Justin and Dustin, let's look at how the two stack up.



The two fighters have very similar fighting styles as they both love to be extremely aggressive strikers. While both fighters can go to the ground if they need to, they are definitely not an area where either fighter excels. This should be a great fight, considering both fighters like to pound their opponents into submission with devasting strikes. There are a lot more similarities between the two fighters than just their fighting styles.


The similarities between the two are off the charts. The average fight times for the two are the same at 10:06.  Where they differ a little is in stature as Justin comes in at 5’11’’ and 155 lbs whereas Dustin comes in at 5’9’’ and 155 lbs. Justin does have a slightly longer reach than Dustin does as he comes with a reach of 72’’ whereas Dustin comes in with a 70’’ reach. The height and reach advantage did not give Justin an advantage the first time these two fought as Dustin was able to wear him down and win by KO. Let’s take a look at how the last fight went down.

If this fight is anything like the first, then we are in for a treat because these two went at each other in the first matchup. We have seen fighters try to go blow for blow with Poirier, but it usually doesn’t work out in their favor. Michael Chandler found out the hard way as he lost by KO and we even saw Olivera switch to a ground approach to get the win because Poirier was doing too much damage. Let’s take a look at the keys to win this fight.

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The main concern with this fight is who going to be able to outlast the other when it becomes a battle of blows. Poirier has the advantage in this area because he has proven it time and time again as well as being able to outlast Justin in the first match. If you're Poirier, you don’t switch up you're fighting style and take the fight to Justin all match long. For Justin, you could take a page from fighters who have had success against Poirier by going to the ground game. The problem with that is that Justin is not known for being a strong grappler.

However you decide to look at it, this fight is going to be nothing but fireworks with the winner likely getting a shot at winning their first undisputed championship belt.

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