Buc-ee's isn't a cheap stop. It's not that they're overpriced, either. You just get overwhelmed walking in and you end up with a ton of things you may not need, but you definitely don't want to put back.

Like Beaver Nuggets, for example. Do you really need them? Absolutely not. Do you want them? More than anything. Should you pour them into a bowl, add milk, and eat it like cereal? Yes, and if you haven't tried it before, we can't recommend it enough.

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But while it's easy to suddenly find yourself spending $75 or more, it seems like you'd have to try really hard to spend ten times that. But that is what one Texas customer did.

Ever Spent $750 at Buc-ee's?

We kid you not, a Texas customer on Facebook not only spent just under $750 at Buc-ee's, but she shared her receipt on Facebook as proof.

Buc-ee's via Facebook
Buc-ee's via Facebook

The customer posted in the Facebook Group "BUC-EES LOVERS ❤️" a snippet of her receipt, which showed that, after tax, they had managed to spend $745.47 at the Texas-based travel center.

"That s*** just happens when u grab ahold of one of them cute Bucee buggys[sic]," one person wrote in the Facebook group.

The customer was asked to show the whole receipt, which they did. Among the items they bought were:

• 4 brisket sandwiches
• A Buc-ee's seatbelt cover
• 3 doggie hoodies
• 2 packages of beef jerky
• A Buc-ee's cornhole board

There was a lot more, on there, but those items alone were around one-third of the total cost.

There were some negative comments on the page, but the original poster had a lot of supporters, too.

"This is honestly impressive," one person commented. "If I had that money to spend I definitely would spend it there."

What Makes Us Love Buc-ee's?

Buc-ee's, a Texas-based convenience store chain, has earned a fervent fanbase for several reasons, making it a beloved stop for travelers and locals alike. First and foremost is the sheer size of Buc-ee's establishments – often sprawling mega-stores with an extensive selection of goods.

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The colossal, immaculate restrooms at Buc-ee's have achieved legendary status, offering a clean and comfortable oasis for road-weary travelers.

Another key factor in Buc-ee's popularity is the diverse and high-quality merchandise. From the iconic Beaver Nuggets (sweet corn puff snacks) to an array of freshly prepared snacks, meals, and Texas-themed souvenirs, the store caters to a wide range of tastes.

Buc-ee's commitment to locally sourced products, including a variety of jerky, candies, and sauces, contributes to its appeal.

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The brand's friendly and efficient customer service also plays a role in creating a positive experience. The beaver mascot and the clean, well-maintained facilities add a touch of whimsy and contribute to the overall welcoming atmosphere.

Lastly, Buc-ee's has mastered the art of marketing with its billboards, strategically placed along highways, creating anticipation and excitement for the next rest stop.


In essence, people love Buc-ee's not just for its convenience but for the unique combination of cleanliness, variety, and Texas charm that transforms a routine pit stop into a memorable experience.

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