Lafayette, LA (KPEL News) - Flu and COVID are hitting Louisiana hard right now. I can attest to COVID. Four of my family members, as of 12/27/2023, have tested positive and are dealing with the nasty symptoms.

The Louisiana Department of Health data shows a spike in "influenza-like illness" being reported, and the levels of flu and COVID increasing.

Both the flu and COVID have knocked me back in the last few years, and the body aches can be brutal. They started in my legs the last go 'round, and a hot bath relieved the discomfort for a few blessed hours.

If you've been struck by either of those evil bugs, you understand how much you appreciate suggestions for relief. Enter our Louisiana folks who offered a list of home remedies that may make your road to recovery less difficult.

For those of us who aren't sick, wash your hands.

Stay home if you are and maybe these tips will help.

Disclaimer: None of these suggestions replace professional medical care and shouldn't be used in lieu of a visit with your doctor.

Suggested Remedies for Flu and COVID Symptoms from Louisiana

Being sick is the worst! Not only do you feel gross, you have to miss work and pause your life to get better. There may not be a pill or potion that zaps you back to normal, but here are a few suggestions from Louisiana folks to help you through it.

Gallery Credit: TRACY WIRTZ

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