Blue Cross Blue Shield Louisiana announced earlier this year a desire to sell the non-profit health insurance company to Elevance Health, a for-profit provider. Policyholders are letting the Louisiana Department of Insurance know they aren't happy about it.

Elevance wants to buy BCBS LA for $ 2.5 billion, but the sale requires approval from the Louisiana Commissioner of Insurance Jim Donelon.

Policyholders have already begun submitting public comments to Donelon's office. Former State Representative Woody Jenkins emailed Donelon's office and published an editorial addressing the issue on Central City News. In his email, he shares his opinion about why the company is requesting the sale and who would benefit from it. Jenkins writes:

For what? Very simply, so that some Board members of Blue Cross can have billions of dollars to manage and give away.

Another short plea emailed to the Department of Insurance ended with "I see no permanent advantage to changing it."

One comment submitted to Donelon's department addressed concerns similar to Jenkins'. The author opines:

the "advisory board" will be paid large unnecessary salaries(non-profit board or advisory board members should be volunteers)

A public hearing about the conversion plan was scheduled for August, but the date was pushed back to early October at the request of Blue Cross. Anyone can submit public comments through the Louisiana Department of Insurance website.

How to Submit Comments to the Louisiana Department of Insurance

One Facebook user shared the following information on how to submit comments regarding the plan:

The public hearing on the BCBCSLA buyout by ELEVANCE ( formerly Anthem Health )
Will be October 5 and 6 at 10 am at the Louisiana Department of Insurance building, 1702 N Third St in Baton Rouge, 70802.
Comments can be sent to David Caldwell, LDI, POBox 94214, BR, La.70804 before Oct 2. If you want BCBS to remain, please write to him and indicate that you want BCBSLA to remain a non-profit and not be purchased by Elevance. If you want to get rid of BCBSLA, you can write that as well.
The hearings will be on Zoom. That link is on the Insurance Department website under BCBS Public Hearing and Rulemaking Notices.

Prior to Donelon's hearing, the Louisiana Senate will hold a public hearing at the Capitol on September 27th at 10 AM to hear testimony from Blue Cross Blue Shield Louisiana.

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