Lafayette, LA (KPEL News) - You may not be familiar with who Addison Rae is, but nearly 90-million people know the Louisiana native. The 23-year-old Lafayette native has also gotten the attention of several popular brand names, including one that signed her up to be the face of their first-ever Super Bowl commercial.

Most of us are happy with our small social media circle, while secretly wishing we could get paid to create content that got us paid. The young lady who grew up in Acadiana has mastered all forms of social media and tapped into the entrepreneurial spirit. Not only does she have nearly 90-million TikTok followers, she also has more than 40-million Instagram followers. She's even made several famous friends and traveled all over the world, living the life she created for herself. She may have had a little help from her mom, who she co-hosts a podcast on Spotify with.

The Advocate reported in 2021 that she started making TikTok videos in her bedroom because she was bored.

Addison Rae Easterling, who now calls Los Angeles home, has an incredible resume that has proven very lucrative for the young lady. Forbes lists her as the third-highest-paid TikTok star in 2022, with an income over $27-million. She is the founder of the Item Beauty cosmetics line sold at Sephora and, according to the publisher, she has partnerships with Pandora, American Eagle, and Netflix.

She can now add NERDS to her list.

Addison grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana, and has competitive dance training which helped her land the role in the NERDS Super Bowl commercial.

According to a release from Ferrara Candy Company, the ads will introduce NERDS Gummy, a character made in the likeness of Gummy Clusters, a combination of crunchy and gummy.

The teaser video Addison "coaching" someone in dancing to "Flashdance... What a Feeling," but we don't know who until we see the commercial. (Which you can do if you keep scrolling.)

The actor and artist expressed her joy over being asked to participate:

I was so excited when I got the call to be part of such a huge moment for my favorite candy. NERDS Gummy Clusters is my go-to snack – whether I'm in the studio, on the dance floor, on set, or just relaxing at home. "Flashdance" just so happens to be my all-time favorite movie, and it really resonates with me as I turned my love of dance into a career – and this time, I was able to use my background in dance to head to the Big Game with one of the most beloved brands. This is a dream come true."

You can look for the commercial to air in the second quarter of the Super Bowl which starts at 5:30 PM Sunday, February 11. The Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers meet in Las Vegas to play for the NFL Championship.

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