Feeling haunted by the spooky sounds, eerie shadows, and all those little things that keep you up at night? As it turns out, you aren't the only one.

Ghost stories and tales of creepy occurrences in homes aren't anything new - we have all sorts of stories and movies about the things that go bump in the night. But they all come from somewhere, and it's usually something ultimately innocuous. Those shadows that look like a long, clawed hand creeping across your wall? A tree. That strange groaning sound in the walls? It's the wind.

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In Louisiana, we have a rich history of famous haunted homes and other locations.

But Americans are superstitious, and we have always had a mix of fear of and fascination with the unknown. So we often do come across things, visions, and noises we think are haunted. Including our own homes.

How Many Americans Think Their Homes Are Haunted?

According to a study by AllStarHome, 16 percent of Americans believe their homes are haunted. Another 2 in 5 Americans believe they've experienced the supernatural.

31 percent of Americans are absolutely freaked out by old homes, and 39 percent believe that they've felt the presence of a deceased family member in their homes.

A little more locally, it turns out that New Orleans, Louisiana, is believed to have one of the highest rates of haunted buildings in the country - they are behind Salem (which is fair) and tied with Gettysburg.

Credit: AllStarHome
Credit: AllStarHome

Why Are We So Obsessed?

People are fascinated by the unknown, and the supernatural offers a realm beyond the limits of our understanding, sparking wonder and intrigue. It taps into our primal instincts, evoking fear, awe, and a sense of mystery.

Supernatural phenomena challenge our perceptions of reality, providing an escape from the mundane and offering a glimpse into a world where the impossible becomes possible. This fascination often serves as a coping mechanism, helping us make sense of the inexplicable and providing a sense of wonder and magic in an otherwise rational and predictable world.

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