If you're among those who get annoyed by ads on YouTube, your watching experience could get a whole lot more frustrating.

How YouTube Is Changing

For those who don't pay for YouTube, putting up with ads and clicking "skip" has just become part of the expected experience when using the platform. We just do it without giving much thought.

YouTube is ready to make a major change that could possibly mean more ads in your future.

The Street reported this week that YouTube has already started testing a new ad format on a core group of its users. The new ad comes up on the screen when the users pause a video.

On one hand, the ad isn't interrupting your video, but it also could be distracting if you're hitting pause to tend to something else in your life at that moment.

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Why YouTube Wants More Ads

News this week that YouTube could institute a new ad unit wasn't exactly new information to those who have been paying close attention over the past year. The idea was first hinted at last May.

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Adweek reported last Spring that YouTube mentioned a pause screen ad could be in the works. In an interview with Adweek, a rep from YouTube said the platform wants to make it "easier" for advertisers who spend on traditional TV channels to use YouTube. 

In addition to the new ad format, The Street says YouTube is also looking to crackdown on those use third-party ad blockers to keep the commercials out of their viewing experience.

These users will now receive a message saying content is not available to them or experience buffering issues. The outlet reported this is YouTube's way of blocking the ad block users from viewing content.

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