We all love a fun TikTok trend, and the internet's new obsession has it all: rich folks, resorts, and even a take on the Succession theme song. My friends, it is time for y'all to meet the Fully Conscious Baby.

How Did the 'Fully Conscious Baby' Trend Begin?

We were first blessed with the FCB (Fully Conscious Baby) when TikTok user Stephanie O'Brien (@sobrizzle) shared a video of her cute niece on May 17, 2024. In the Tok, she asks the now infamous question: Who wants to go to the Four Seasons Orlando?

Both kids seem truly hyped for the upcoming vacation; however, the baby's response garnered some bombastic side eye, and a new meme was born.

Commenters noted the baby's "fully conscious" reaction.


@sobrizzle's original video has garnered over 41 million views, as folks can't get enough of the baby's preternatural reaction to her vacation inquiry.

It wasn't long before FCB memes took over TikTok and other social media platforms.

If your FYP is 55% FCB content, you're not alone. It appears a good portion (maybe the best portion tbh) of TikTok has also fallen in love with the Fully Conscious Baby. If you're not on FCBTok, we honestly feel for you.

What's So Special About The Four Seasons Orlando?

Fully Conscious Baby is living her best life. Who doesn't want to go on an all-expenses-paid vacation to a luxury destination? Just look at what the Four Seasons has to offer.

FYI: a typical night at the Four Seasons Orlando will set you back at least $1500, which is a far cry from the Days Inn my parents assured me was bougie because it had a continental breakfast. FCB seems to be born into the 1% and we love that for her.

OK: What's So Funny About the Fully Conscious Baby?

Be for real: this is objectively hilarious, especially the memes we've seen in the past week.

Hilarious. Everyone is on the fun-- even NFL players.

How much FCB content is too much FCB content?

The limit does not exist.

We're here for everything FCB-related, even this defense of FCB's precociousness.

Do your thing, FCB. We love to see a young queen in her Four Seasons Era.

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