A Texas family's worst nightmare came true this past Sunday after noon just after 12pm

An absolutely tragic incident occurred where a one-year-old girl was struck by an Uber driver. When the driver was dropping off passengers the driver failed to see the young child walking in front of the vehicle.

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According to Click2Houston.com the Harris County Sheriff’s Office reported that after the adults got out the Uber they proceeded to walk towards the apartment complex, while the toddler remained in front of the gray Volkswagen SUV. As the driver attempted to turn around in the parking lot he inadvertently rolled over the child.

The family while still in shock acted as swiftly as possible and rushed the injured child to the hospital after flagging down an emergency vehicle nearby, which transported her to the hospital. Tragically, the child did pass away despite these efforts.

Following the the tragic accident, emotions ran high, and family members reportedly assaulted the driver upon realizing what had happened. The driver sustained serious injuries but is in stable condition, according to Lieutenant K. Benoit of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

As of now, no charges have been filed against either the driver or the individuals involved in the altercation. However, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office emphasized that the investigation is ongoing.

Video was captured by a neighbors security camera showing the entire scene before and after unfold. We can only imagine how horrible the Uber driver must feel and how saddened the family must be by this unexpected tragedy.

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