(DeSoto, Mississippi) - This new school year has started off rocky around the country. We've seen a teacher show up to work drunk and a football coach punch a player live on TV in the stomach. Now we have an issue with a bus driver.

In DeSoto County, Mississippi, a bus driver held the kids on their bus captive while the kids began to cry. The driver refused to let the kids off the bus to their parents.

According to the DeSoto County School District, this bus driver was a substitute driver who has been relieved of her duties and a new driver took over her route for the remainder of the school year. The driver is also under suspension while the school district investigates the situation. Parents of the students are saying that the driver stopped the bus after a student called her parents.

The fact that this driver was a substitute driver is insane. This shouldn't happen even if she wasn't a substitute but the fact that she was makes this worse. It's extremely sad to see all these kids crying their eyes out while being held captive.

Social Media Reacts To The DeSoto Bus Driving Incident

I can't blame any parent for being upset at this incident. For her to get mad just because someone called their parents is just asinine. As more information is released we will keep you up to date.

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