The memories of selling lemonade on hot Louisiana summer days are something I still cherish as an adult.

My best friend and I used to get together and make a massive batch of lemonade, and if we had saved enough from the previous day, we would bake cookies, too. We would hang out on the corner for hours, just being silly kids selling lemonade to our neighbors, who were nice enough to give us a couple of bucks for our efforts at being young entrepreneurs.

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I will always have a soft spot for kids who take the time to set up a lemonade stand and make a cute sign to hold up as people pass by.

What a little girl did in Alabama to honor her mother, who passed away, really hit that soft spot I have for kids and lemonade stands.

Inside Edition Youtube
Inside Edition Youtube

Emouree Johnson is a bright 2nd-grade girl with a passion for makeup and all things beauty, and she has dreams of one day being a beauty influencer on YouTube. When life gave Emouree lemons, she decided to make a ton of lemonade to honor Mom.

This entrepreneurial spirit kicked in when her mother tragically passed away in March of this year. She took matters into her own hands to raise the necessary funds for Mother's Tombstone by setting up a lemonade stand and selling lemonade to her community.

The power of social media got the word out to the Jackson County community. In no time, not only did Emouree get her mother's tombstone entirely donated to her family, but she had raised over $10,000.

Inside Edition Youtube
Inside Edition Youtube

Emouree's supportive grandmother, Jennifer Bordner, shared how healing it was seeing their community step up during this challenging time for her family with WHNT.

I hope my daughter can see how amazing this is and how especially wonderful her daughter is. Thank you to everyone and thank God because this was one of the most painful things I ever experienced, and this community has helped me

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