If you hate having to get your vehicle inspected every year or two, then you will be happy to know that the Louisiana legislature is with you.

House Bill 344 passed committee at the capitol yesterday, making those things one step closer to being eliminated in the state.

Even though inspection stickers are supposed to show that a vehicle is safe to drive, Representative Larry Bagley (R) of Stonewall thinks they're a waste of time and money.

“I just think this is an unnecessary task that we perform, and you know the ten dollars isn’t a big deal, the fact that I have to have it, and if I forget it then the fine is much bigger than that having to be stopped and checked by the police and check all that out to see and I’m okay and they let me go, I just don’t see any need for that,” he said.

Oh, by the way, this isn't the first time that Rep. Bagley has introduced a bill to eliminate vehicle inspection stickers. He's been lobbying for this change since at least 2017.

During the committee meeting, Representative Phillip Tarver from Lake Charles argued that officers can just as easily enforce vehicle safety standards just like stickers do.

“If the windshield had a crack in it across the windshield, the visible part, impairing the visibility of the driver, could you stop it for that?” Tarver asked Captain Bryan Lee with the Louisiana State Police.

“Yes, sir,” Lee responded.

“So for the most part as far as the safety is concerned, the real safety of it is concerned, you probably could have cause to stop it if you feel like it’s unsafe,” Tarver said.

Of course, there was some opposition to the proposed bill. Rep. Travis Johnson (D) of Vidalia supports the use of stickers, noting safety and accountability for drivers.

”If that tire pops or that belt pops and you just lose control, then you put others at risk,” Johnson said. “I think it is a very, very dangerous thing unless you can tell me otherwise, I don’t see this being a good thing for the state of Louisiana," said Johnson.

Despite the opposition, the measure passed committee in a close six to five vote on Monday.

The bill now moves on to the House.

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