I am sure if you asked a Louisiana football fan if he or she had anything they'd like to say to former LSU Head Football Coach Nick Saban their answer would be plenty. And, since Coach Saban took the head coach's job at Alabama in 2007 I am sure a lot of those comments from the LSU faithful would be less than flattering.

2021 SEC Championship - Georgia v Alabama
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Based on what we've learned from the recent College Football Playoff Selection Weekend it's not just LSU fans who have less than pleasant tidings for Nick. Rivals.com reported that over the weekend Coach Saban's personal cellphone number was leaked. And apparently, fans of Florida State University were the ones who discovered that leak.

As you might imagine Seminole fans were a bit tweaked that their team, which finished the college football season undefeated, was not chosen as part of the College Football Playoff. However, a one-loss Alabama team was. That prompted many FSU fans to suggest that Saban was a bad guy or worse.


Coach Saban told reporters that he must have fielded more than 250 anonymous calls over the weekend. Most of those callers suggested that Saban's Crimson Tide football team was not deserving of the number four seed in the CFP.

Y'all, the comments under the "X" (or do we still call it a "Tweet"?) are hilarious. Meanwhile, Coach Saban took the faux pas and pilfered phone problem with a grain of salt. He addressed fans who asked about the phone incident on Monday by saying "Most of the calls were from Florida"

We will see if Coach Saban gets the last laugh or if the CFP Committee got it wrong. Alabama is scheduled to face Michigan in the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day. The winner of that game will face the winner of the Texas versus Washington game. That game will be played in New Orleans at the Sugar Bowl. It is also scheduled for New Year's Day and will be kickoff after the Alabama/Michigan game.

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