So, you remember a few days ago when everyone was excited at the proposition that we wouldn't have to get inspection stickers anymore in Louisiana? Yeah, well, go ahead and scratch that.

For now, at least.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

State Rep. Larry Bagwell, R-Stonewall, said on Monday that his bill that would have removed inspection stickers has been taken down. He said he's now trying to find a way to get rid of inspection stickers without causing the Louisiana State Police to lose money.

His proposed HB344 bill would have ended the requirement for inspection stickers for most vehicles in the state. Currently, all motor vehicles are required to have an inspection sticker.

A vehicle that is deemed to be unsafe receives a written notice and has five days to fix the violation.

The proposed law would allow certain vehicles to be driven without an inspection. Commercial vehicles and student transportation vehicles, however, would still need to have inspection stickers.

State Police Vehicle
Photo courtesy of Louisiana State Police Facebook

If the proposed bill would have passed, law enforcement would have the authority to issue citations for motor vehicles that they deem unsafe to drive.

Now, the inspections do raise money for the state and most of the fees go to state police.

While the bill is being shelved at this time, there is still a possibility that it could be brought back at some point later in this session.

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