A family cleaning up their late father's home got the surprise of a lifetime when they discovered 1 million pennies stashed away in a crawlspace.

YouTube Via NBC News
YouTube Via NBC News

Family Finds 1 Million Pennies

A Los Angeles family was cleaning up their father's home after he passed away and found $10,000 in pennies stashed away in a crawlspace in the house.

That's right, 1 million pennies.

At face value, the pennies are worth $10,000, but it's possible that somewhere in this massive haul there are quite a few rare and valuable ones.

The man’s son-in-law, John Reyes, told NBC LA that these pennies have been sitting in the crawlspace untouched for decades.

Many of the bags are still sealed from the bank.

Reyes and his wife found the cache of pennies while preparing the house for upcoming renovations.

Reyes tells KABC -

“As we start looking through we see some of the big banks, like Bank of America, and at the same time, we also saw banks that we have never even heard of, maybe banks that don’t even exist anymore. So we were just like ‘Wow this is amazing.’”


Reyes and his wife tried to deposit the 1 million pennies, but the bank told them they didn't have room in their vault for that many pennies.

They've been contacted by collectors cautioning them that what they have may be worth considerably more than just the face value of $10,000.

Instead of going through 1 million pennies to try to find the valuable ones, they've listed the entire lot for $25,000 on the Offerup app.

Even at $25K, the haul of 1 million pennies could far exceed that price depending on the rarity and value of some of the pennies in the collection.

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