This past Summer, a Temple, Texas Buc-ee's location went viral for a typo on their billboard that misspelled the word "Howdy" as "Hodwy". Now the franchise is taking the proverbial ball and running with it with new merchandise celebrating their phonetic folly.

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Buc-Cee's Hodwy T-Shirts

We all make typos. Heck, we'll probably make one before we're done typing this.

However, when you make a typo with 3-foot-tall letters, it tends to get a little more attention.

This past Summer a Temple, Texas Buc-ee's location had a new billboard put up about an hour ahead of their location to give travelers a heads-up that they would soon be approaching the South's most beloved truck stop.

In an attempt to put a Southern spin on the famous quote "You Had Me At Hello" from the romantic comedy Jerry Maguire, someone at the billboard company made a huge mistake.

Instead of "You Had Me At Howdy", the billboard read "You Had Me At Hodwy".

Photobucket, trivandrum
Photobucket, trivandrum

Life handed Buc-ee's lemons, so Buc-ee's made lemonade...and t-shirts.

From -

"This 'Hodwy' t-shirt gives the proper pronunciation of the word, and goes on to explain that the word is a 'Southern way to blend the words 'how did we' in order to talk qwicker.'

The shirt goes on to give an example of how it should be used in conversation. 'Hodwy go to Buc-ee's for a snack and stay for 2 hours?'

Then it adds, 'Often mistaken for Howdy spelt wrong.'"

Obviously, Buc-cee's continued to poke fun at themselves by not only commemorating the billboard typo with an official t-shirt but by also putting a cherry on top by having typos on the shirt as well.

Who knows, maybe the "Howdy" typo was on purpose to get attention and have a viral moment.

If so, it definitely worked.

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