Recently a man was sentenced to a very lengthy prison sentence for a murder that occurred back in 2020. This trial had various examples of evidence and only took four hours of deliberation for the jury to come to a verdict. The murderer, 23-year-old Kaleb Vasquez did not receive a death sentence and as of this year the state of Texas currently has no executions lined up. This does not mean Texas will not see any executions just that it might see less this year.

While it's not a crime there has been a significant amount of people panhandling which also includes a certain scam that has been seen around various Texas cities. The Sophia Street Corner Scam is one scam that has recently made its way to Lubbock but don't be fooled by those people asking for money for the child in the featured photo they have while on the streets. While many crimes happen across the state there are some fugitives that are currently wanted and that includes sex offenders but 8 are more wanted than the rest as of March 2024.


Every wanted fugitive featured in this article is to always be considered armed and dangerous. It's advised never to try to apprehend a wanted fugitive. Any tips or information regarding any of the top 8 wanted sex offenders in the state of Texas can be submitted online at the Texas Department of Public Safety website.

Texas' Fugitive Friday: 8 Most Wanted Sex Offenders March 2024

The 8 most wanted sex offenders of Texas during March 2024

Gallery Credit: Mikael Donnovan

Lubbock's Mugshot Monday: March 11 - March 17, 2024

Gallery Credit: Mikael Donnovan

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