A group of robbers decided to mess with the wrong yard worker in Houston, Texas, and one of them paid the price.

The group of four thieves were in Harris County’s Prestonwood Forest neighborhood when they decided to steal several pieces of lawn care equipment from the back of a yard worker’s truck.

Little did they know that the yard worker wasn’t messing around, and he wouldn’t let them get away without a fight.

As the thieves attempted to drive off with their stolen goods, security footage from the home they were in front of caught the impressive altercation. The yard worker threw his weed whacker at the car as it drove past, and one of the robbers came tumbling out of the vehicle.

The car peeled off, leaving the thief behind. The yard worker collected his weed whacker and readied himself to confront the thief who was now laying in the middle of the road.


The thief appeared to be stunned by the incident, stuck on his back in the road for a moment before noticing the yard worker coming towards him. As the thief attempts to stand up, he is hit back down to the ground by the weed whacker.


As the yard worker is dealing with the thief, a neighbor comes out of their house and attempts to assist the worker, shouting, “Stay on the floor!” as the thief continues to attempt an escape.

Does the thief escape? or does he get WHACK!'d to the end? See for yourself how this sordidly funny tale ends.

The thief was later found at a local hospital being treated for the injuries he received from falling out of the car and was identified as Jarrell Alexander. As of April 1, 2024, he was being held on a $50,000 bond and the search for the three remaining suspects was ongoing.

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