The Pearl Shreveport Has Quickly Become a Local Favorite.

Trudie and Robert Shaver have put together an epic team to bring some amazing dishes to Shreveport. Normally the Shaver's genre of food has been Southern soul food and seafood for almost 30 years they wanted a relative type of cuisine. So they decided to make it more elevated and polished. Val Benn was brought in as the Executive Chef and Taneia Benn who is a local favorite for her hospitality is the General Manager. The team is full of Shreveport-Bossier faces that we all love.

The Team at The Pearl Shreveport Is Not Scared to Take Risks in the Kitchen.

You see some epic specials come out of that kitchen and they aren't scared to try some unique things with oysters either.

 The Pearl Shreveport Has Started Yakamein Thursdays.

My first thought was "What business does a seafood eatery have trying to make yakamein?" I decided to order a bowl because why not right? I have had yakamein all over Shreveport, and this bowl was simply the best. My friend and I could not believe what we were tasting, he stopped, looked at me, and said "This is fantastic". I couldn't think of a better word.

The Pearl Shreveport via Facebook
The Pearl Shreveport via Facebook

This Bowl of Yakamein Was the Best I Have Had in the Ark-La-Tex.

This dish has one of the most beautiful depths of flavor I have ever had. It's not just a simple beef noodle soup made with ramen noodles. It is loaded with smoked brisket, pork belly, and sautéed shrimp. Served along with a soft boiled, soy sauce marinated egg. Simply put, I hope you can handle the unique flavor this dish has to offer, however the one thing you must know, this dish is only available on Thursdays.

This Seafood Spot Can Continue Creating Unique Dishes and Experimenting in the Kitchen, They Have Officially Won the Shreveport Ramen War in My Book.

The Pearl Shreveport is located at 6871 Fern Ave., Shreveport, LA.

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