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Louisiana's favorite adopted son and former LSU QB Joe Burrow is rocking a new hair cut after opening the season with a big week one loss. However, we're loving the fresh new look for his fresh start!

Why is NFL QB Joe Burrow sporting a new hair cut?

We get it. Just last week, Joey B inked a new contract with the Cincinnati Bengals making him the highest paid player in the NFL. That's big. Then you go into week one of the NFL season and your team faces off against their instate rival, the Cleveland Browns, and lose... badly. What's a boy to do? Get a new hair do!

Ladies, you know what I'm talking about. You go through a break up or a loss of some type and the best way to reinvent yourself is with a new hair do! We say we're going to cut that man right out of our hair, well Joe cut that loss right out of his hair and he is looking good! Just remember, if you're going through a tough time, never cut bangs.

Burrow debuted the new look yesterday at a press conference and when reporters asked him about the change, he said, 'When you have a game like that on Sunday.' When they followed up on that, wondering if Joe was joking or serious about his performance inspiring the cut, he said, 'A little bit of both.'

Just in case you were wondering, here's the look Joe was sporting before. 


This is just one more reason why we love Joe Burrow!


Why is Joe Burrow a Louisiana favorite ?

Joe Burrow, otherwise known as Joe Burreaux, is easily Louisiana's favorite adopted son of all time. His story reads like an epic... small-town kid works hard and makes the football team at The Ohio State University where he doesn't get the starting position. So, said hard-working and humble quarterback joins the transfer portal and makes his way to the swamps of Louisiana where he must have felt like a stranger in a strange land... Baton Rouge, the home of the LSU Fighting Tigers and stronghold of the SEC. After battling his way to the top, Burrow, like any epic hero, then led LSU to a National Championship in 2019. Here's a little more about Joe's history beyond his time at LSU...


And who could forget Joe's walkout on senior night during his final season at LSU? It gives me chills!

Without a doubt, Louisiana loves Joe Burrow! Geaux Tigers! 💜💛

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