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If you've ever wondered exactly how your turn signal works or how to turn on your vehicle's lights, this police department is here to help and they've also got jokes!

I'm sure it gets old reminding people to turn on their headlights and use their turn signals. But the Homer Police Department is taking a light-hearted approach to these everyday matters that plague law enforcement officers everywhere. Let's take a look!

What do you mean my blinkers don't need blinker fluid?! Blasphemy! Oh but wait, it gets worse! Did you know that the doohickey and the knobby guy have real jobs, too?

Holy cow! There's even more. And I'll admit, I'm guilty of driving slower than most in inclement weather...

And just in case you thought the Homer Police Department's sense of humor was limited to driving, here's proof they apply it liberally in all situations, including teaching women's self-defense classes.

And this might be the best New Year's Eve post by a law enforcement agency of all time!

Now, I wish I could tell you this was the Homer Police Department in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana, but this one happens to be located in Alaska. Sure seems like they're having a lot of fun in the great white North!

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