From Lake Charles to Logansport, and Shreveport to Greenwood-- 2024 is the 'Year of the Cicada'; and yes, you will get peed on by a cicada in Louisiana.  But which parish in NWLA is going to see the worst of it?

Will Louisiana be affected by the 2024 'Year of the Cicada?'

According to this post on Facebook, Louisiana is set to be overrun with two different types of cicadas this year... which means it's about to get loud!

Experts say we haven't seen a conflagration of cicadas like this in over 200 years. What's happening? Two types of cicadas will be emerging at once... which is a rare occurrence. And if you're wondering about that weird noise they make, it's the sound male cicadas make when it's mating season. And speaking of that sound, they are LOUD! WFLA reports that 'the average cicada can produce mating calls that range between 80 and 100 decibels (dB). This rivals an excavator at 80dB, church bells at around 70 dB, and even a classic motorcycle at about 88 dB.'

According to this, 18 states will have a noisy spring with the emergence of the northern Illinois brood and the great southern broods coming out simultaneously. While Louisiana will see cicadas this year, Fox News says Illinois and Indiana will be the states most affected by this phenomenon in the middle of May and the end of June. Thankfully cicadas aren't poisonous and because they don't bite or sting, they're mostly harmless. This is a good thing because experts say the amount of cicadas we'll see overall will 'exceed trillions.'

While cicadas can't bite you, they WILL pee on you. WFLA says that cicadas drink a lot and as a result, pee a lot, too. But that's not all... WFLA says, 'Some people experience what might seem like spit, but it’s just “cicada rain” that many have dubbed “honeydew”' Disgusting!!! Even worse, they're also known to explode with fungus!!!

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Lovely, right? Well, it gets worse. According to, three parishes in Louisiana will be affected... and those three parishes that are expected to see Brood XIX are Caddo, Claiborne, and Morehouse Parish. Only 17 parishes in Louisiana are expected to get cicadas and we're one of them. Awesome. At least they help to aerate the soil and can lead to exceptional fishing conditions.

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