SHREVEPORT, LA – The clock is now ticking on making the change to a real ID in Louisiana. We often forget to get that driver’s license renewed before it expires.
But we now have to deal with the move to a new kind of ID.

A lot of Louisiana residents may not realize their current ID will no longer work for you in certain situations after May 2025, even if it's not expiring at that time.

Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles
Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles

When Is the Deadline to Make the Change?

This deadline to sign up for a real ID has been pushed back a couple of times, but now it looks like this will be the actual deadline. The Louisiana DMV has announced that Louisiana drivers will need to get their Real ID compliant license by May 7th, 2025.

What Documents Do I Need To Bring to Get a Real ID?

This is a long list and the best way to find out, is to go through this online checklist to determine what documents will work for you. For me, I was told my current passport will work. But I also should bring my social security number (the card is not necessary since I have a passport). I was also advised to bring my latest health insurance explanation of benefits and my valid Louisiana driver’s license.

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Why do I need to get a Real ID if I live in Louisiana?

You will need this new ID to travel by plane or train across the United States. Starting in May of next year, all domestic airline flights will require you to show a Real ID before you board the plane. This new ID will also allow you to travel into Canada without a passport.

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How Did This Change Start?

The Real ID act of 2005 set a goal to standardize all licenses across the US after 9/11, and it has taken many years to implement. The pandemic delayed implementation in several states.

How much does a Real ID cost in Louisiana?

Louisiana residents are lucky, There is no additional cost for a REAL ID-compliant license or ID card when a person renews normally. If you need a correction or replacement outside of your normal renewal window, there is a fee charged.

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