While board members for COVID vaccine maker Pfizer continue to push a "surge" of COVID across the US, some new information coming out goes against that wave.

First, lab research now shows this new "mutation" or "variant" of COVID-19 could actually help the US. While it seems to be contagious, it doesn't seem to be serious. In fact, their research shows its probably the weakest strain recorded since the start of the pandemic. Which is good news in the effort to continue to build a "wall of immunity" inside the population.

As more people are exposed to the virus, each person that becomes infected gains protection against future infections. So a more contagious, less serious, version of the virus actually helps overall.

But there's a second bit of news that has people a little more furious than Pfizer trying to raise stock prices with a new vaccine. Former Chief Medical Advisor to the President Dr. Anthony Fauci has edged back on his previous statements on mask wearing again. This time saying that he believes masks still provide protection for an individual...but doesn't believe mask wearing protects a population.

Fauci has faced constant backlash for flip-flopping on different points of the COVID pandemic. This latest pushback comes from his approach to mask wearing when being confronted with studies from a CNN host.

This caught the attention of US Senator Rand Paul right away. Paul has had issues with Fauci and his positions for years, and didn't miss a beat saying:

"Fauci admits that masks don't work for the public at large but still absurdly claims masks work on an individual basis,"

But it's not just the long-time opponents of Fauci that are included in this latest round of backlash. The fact that a CNN host confronted Fauci about the study showing masks don't work is a noticeable change from a network that has been cashing checks from pharmaceutical companies since the start of the pandemic. The presentation of the mask study is something that social media networks would have banned accounts for 2 years ago, now it's being opening reported on networks like CNN.

COVID will not go away, ever. Its here to stay, and we can't continue to suggest the country should be shut down every year when a vaccine seller tells us its time to make them more money.

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