KBTX-TV reports a standoff in East Texas ended in a horrifying outcome. As a teenager is now accused of killing his entire family, and officials say he claims they were going to kill him.

It happened on Lemon Acres in Nash, Texas, just outside of Texarkana, on Tuesday May 23rd, 2023. Police were called to the home around 11am that morning, where a person had barricaded themselves inside, and witnessed told police there were multiple people had already been killed inside the home.

The 500 Block of Lemon Acres in Nash, Texas (Maps.Google.com)
The 500 Block of Lemon Acres in Nash, Texas (Maps.Google.com)

After a standoff situation, the 18-year-old suspect left the home, and was arrested. Once police were able to get inside, the discovered the bodies of 4 people. Now, investigators say those 4 people were the suspect's parents, his brother, and his sister.

Authorities have arrested Cesar Olalde on Capital Murder charges.

KSLA-TV reports that one of the family members had not shown up to work, which caused a co-worker to check on her at the home. While at the home, the co-worked met another family member, who forced their way into the home, that's when they discovered blood, and Cesar Olalde. At that point, the witnesses say Olalde pointed a gun at them, and they left the home.

The witnesses say that Olalde told them that he had to kill his family, because they were cannibals, and were going to kill and eat him. Authorities say that Olalde had even called 911 himself, and seemingly confessed to shooting his family members.

The victims, the suspect's family members, have been identified as Reuben Olalde, Lisbet Olalde, Oliver Olalde, and Aida Garcia-Mendoza. According to documents, Oliver Olalde was under the age of 10.

Cesar Olalde's bond has been set at $10 million.

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