Shreveport, LA has been the epicenter of the pop culture world over the past week. 50 Cent was in town to launch his G-Unit Studio plan. We've been getting tons of national attention. Overall, everyone has been super positive about this. 50's motto & mantra is 'All Roads Lead to Shreveport'. It's an exciting time.

BUT, and this isn't me trying to be a Debbie Downer, but...will these grand visions ever actually come to fruition?

What are the Odds 50 Cent's Shreveport Vision Becomes a Reality?

I just want to get this out the way right off the top: 50 Cent is a pretty solid businessman. Just look at his track record. Yeah, he had a rough go of it during the economic downturn in 2008...but otherwise, has been pretty darn successful. From Vodka companies to film production to record labels and clothing brands, he's seen lots of success. So, I'm not doubting 50 Cent's ability or business acumen.

But, after living in Shreveport for 20 years, I just have my doubts about our collective ability to stay out of the way and let growth and development happen. As a whole, there's not one specific person or thing you can point your finger to and say "This is the reason why things don't happen". They just somehow don't.

From the Elio Fiasco to the recent REV Entertainment deal that didn't come to fruition to the G-League Team for the Pelicans with the Benson Family to trying to figure out what to do with I-49...there have been a million major projects that showed promise that just never got over the finish line. When was the last time we've heard about a project like this, saw the plans and it actually got completed? The Municipal project under then Mayor Cedric Glover? It just feels like its been a long, long time.

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Like I said, we have a lot of great ideas. We see some movement on those ideas. There's hope. Then they just fall apart. I guess that's why there's so many jaded people in Shreveport - our hopes get up, then they get dashed.

You can go back to this old video of the 'vision of Shreveport' and see that that particular vision just didn't play out the way everyone hoped - for whatever reason. Yeah, some of those things exist and happened...just not to the degree they were originally imagined and planned.

However, just to show it's not all negative and bad news. There have been some wins, especially lately. You got the Amazon Plant getting ready to open up. Fibrebond is expanding. And that's just to name a few. There's tons of other good news on the business front happening in the area. So, maybe we're turning the corner. Maybe we've finally found a way to finish the story.

I guess the whole point of this - I want to believe. I want this to succeed. I want this to happen. I just have a hard time believing it actually will. And, somehow, I doubt I'm the only one.

What is 50 Cent's Master Plan for Shreveport?

50 Cent's masterplan, if he can pull this off a word...epic. It starts at the old Millennium Studios building downtown and just goes from there. 50's grand vision includes him buying several other properties to in downtown and transforming the entire landscape.

As City Councilman Alan Jackson told KSLA about 50's plan, "Shreveport could be on the trajectory to be one of the fastest-growing cities, not only with population but with economic development".

And, it's true, if all this comes to pass it's a big damn deal. A full blown Film & TV studio, an arena...G-Unit Studios and everything that comes with it could boost tourism, jobs, property values - everything!

On paper, this could be the biggest thing to ever happen to Shreveport. According to 50 Cent, he is planning a big G-Unit Studios Grand Opening August 8th-12th, 2024.

And I for one hope it all happens and more. I hope 50 Cent, the City of Shreveport and everyone else involved make me eat my words and it all comes off without a single hitch.

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