Three years ago, its all anyone could talk about...mandates. The COVID era brought mask mandates, business/school shutdowns, social distancing, and vaccine mandate suggestions. But not everyone was onboard with these mandates, including some other countries.

Now with 20/20 hindsight, we can see that 2020 was full of missteps. Research now shows that Sweden's approach to COVID was the most successful in the world. What did they do? By comparison to other nations...pretty much nothing. Sweden took care of their most vulnerable, and required their healthy population to do nothing different. Schools kept going, businesses remained open, and they didn't force anyone to participate in any mandate.

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Even Johns Hopkins University, who many labeled as the authority on COVID during the pandemic, has released research showing mandates and lockdowns did more harm than good.

With all of this research and information, its pretty amazing to see many calling for the return of these mandates due to some slight upticks in COVID cases. It should be pointed out that this uptick in cases has not created any noticeable rise in COVID deaths. In fact, over 99% of the "COVID deaths" being reported to the CDC were not directly related to COVID.

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The state of Texas has taken a Sweden-like approach to the future of anything COVID related. As of today, September 1st, 2023, the State of Texas has banned COVID mandates. This includes masks, vaccines, and lockdowns. However these laws only ban municipalities from creating mandates, it doesn't stop private companies from creating their own mandates.

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