Northwest Louisiana ALWAYS has been a hot bed for incredible athletes. In the world of football, we've produced tons of superstars including Hall of Fame Quarterback Terry Bradshaw. In the basketball world, Robert Parrish sticks out. In the world of baseball, Vida Blue. Pick a sport and there's probably been at least one superstar to come out of our neck of the woods. I mean the list is LONG and the names massive.

And now it seems like we have another superstar athlete on the rise in the area - Benton High School superstar Freshman Audrey Reibeling. The Softball standout for the Lady Tigers has been on quite the hot streak, so much so that she is considered one of the Top 20 freshman softball players in the country. And with your help, she could be voted at the top freshman in nation.

Who Is Audrey Reibeling?

The 5'6 Reibeling is absolutely tearing it up for the Lady Tigers. To put it in perspective - she started off the season a triple shy of the cycle while knocking in 4 RBIs. And that was just game 1 for the versatile outfielder.

Her power, her athleticism and her overall ability led her to being named one of the Top 20 High School Freshman in the country by SBLive Sports. Which is a pretty big honor.


You Can Help Reibeling Reach the Number 1 Spot

On top of SBLive just profiling the top 20 freshman in the country, they're also allowing coaches, fans and everyone else to vote on who is the Top Freshman Softball Player in the country. As mentioned above, Reibeling is one the list. But, with your help, she could reach the Top Spot!

You can vote now through Wednesday March 27th. To vote, just go to the SBLive voting page here.

Want to Continue Supporting Local Softball Star?

On top of just voting, you can follow Reibeling's softball journey by following her X page. She posts highlights, pictures, and all sorts of stuff about her journey on her page. It's always fantastic to watch a young person apply themselves to something they love and then succeed at it.

Plus, there's another easy way to support Reibeling & the rest of the Tigers - go to the games. The season is in full swing. The competition is fierce. The players talented. So, don't just stop at clicking a button on your computer. Go to a game. Buy a hot dog. Enjoy the action on the diamond. Cheer your head off! Have fun! Because that's what High School Sports are all about.

You can find more details on the Benton High Softball Team here. You can get more details on all the other amazing softball teams and players in our area and around the state of Louisiana on the LHSAA website.

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