Look, I get it. The Dallas Cowboys are easy to hate. They're kind of like the Yankees - they're this giant brand that you either want to be apart of or you want to burn down. And, there's no real in-between. They are also extremely easy to make fun of, mostly because of their overzealous fanbase. "We Dem Boys!"...yeah, not since 1996.

But all jokes and insults aside, the Cowboys are one of the most consistent franchises in the NFL. Since 2004, the Cowboys have only had 4 losing seasons - and one of those was the crazy 2020 COVID season. There were a bunch of 8-8 seasons and they haven't won the 'Big One', but I think most fanbases would kill to have a team that's at least in the hunt every year. They are poster team for consistency.

With that said, that run of success could be coming to an end.

Is This The End of the Cowboys as We Know Them?

Here's the situation - despite Jerry Jones continuously saying we're all in on winning a championship, their actions say the exact opposite. The Cowboys have done little to nothing in Free Agency this off-season. Some of their biggest stars and key pieces are set to become free agents - namely Dak Prescott & CeeDee Lamb. And, according to some sources, they're not very high on keeping Micah Parsons either.

But don't take my word for it. Listen to former NFL Quarterback Robert Griffin III breakdown the situation in Dallas.

Even noted super Cowboys fan Skip Bayless is growing tired of the Cowboys. As he states in the clip below, "It's a dark time to be a Dallas Cowboys fan".

On top of the current troubles keeping an re-signing their top stars, they have another issue to deal with - the draft. The Boys have a lot of needs and a lot of players to replace. Which with a good draft, they could do. Unfortunately, they haven't had a great draft in a while. They've drafted some great players. But, as a whole, they haven't had a draft where they've hit on multiple players.

At this point, there's a LOT of questions when it comes to the Cowboys and not a lot of answers.

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