Those that were born in Texas have that Texas pride. You can tell. Then there are those of us who weren't born here but got here as fast as we could. Isn't that the saying? That is what I have always heard.

There are just some things that people question when they hear where you are from. Regardless of where you live. Every place has something that they are known for and it leads to people wanting to know the truth.

Texas, on the other hand have a lot of questions to answer. Even more than made the list. Really. I mean have you ever been asked about your travels? People assume because we live in Texas that we make weekend trips to Austin from the Texas Panhandle.


Outsiders don't get how big Texas really is. They don't get that a trip from the top of Texas to the bottom is not a quick trip. A trip to El Paso can take several hours. A trip to San Antonio as well. Open up Google Maps and check it out.

Also the weather in Texas can be shocking. A lot of people are surprised that there are parts of Texas that get snow. Yes, snow is a thing. Wind is a thing too. There are places in our great state that gets all the weather.

Texas being such a big state has a lot to be proud of. There are a ton of famous people from our great state. We have a lot of great sports teams. We have a lot to do. We really do.

We also get asked a lot of questions being from Texas.

The Questions You Get Asked as a Texan

When people find out you are from Texas they have some questions. They actually have a lot of questions.