Well, what do we have here?

I’ve often written about my fascination with UFOs. While I’ve never personally seen a UFO, I 100% believe in extraterrestrial life.

Whether or not extraterrestrial lifeforms have ever visited Earth is certainly debatable, but the fact that objects that defy physics have been spotted in the sky is not. The Pentagon admitted as much back in 2021.

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So, I’m always looking for further proof that aliens have visited our planet.

The latest sighting was shared by blink-182’s Tom DeLonge on Instagram and then later posted on Reddit. The short clip shows an object appear in the clouds and then disappear in a flash as if it jumped into hyperspace or something.

Many of the people commenting on the video on Reddit and Instagram believe it to be fake, which is where I’m at. It would’ve been much more believable if the object didn’t disappear in a flash.

But I still felt like it was worth sharing if for nothing more than just sparking a little conversation.

Because if the video were legitimate, that would be some scary stuff. There isn’t a single military aircraft in existence (that I know of) that would stand a chance in a battle with something that could move like that.

So, yeah – here’s to hoping that the video is, in fact, fake.

Video: Tom Delonge post from Instagram: Texas sighting
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