Sounds like a whole lot of Texans need to make a career change. 

Everyone feels job-related stress sometimes. Some more so than others. It’s bad enough for workers to feel stressed out for a short time due to a project or some other factor that will eventually pass with time. However, being stressed by a job with no end in sight can lead to burnout.

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Burnout is the absolute worst thing that can happen to a worker. It makes it difficult to concentrate, kills productivity and morale, and can even lead to substance abuse issues as a way of coping. That’s when it’s time to make a change.

And the majority of workers in Texas are stressed to the point of burnout, according to a study of workers in the U.S. by VoiceNation.

What factors are leading Texas workers to feel burned out? 

45% of the workers surveyed in the study cited a heavy workload as the main factor for being burned out. Poor management in the workplace was another key factor for burnout, with 32% of those saying it was a contributing factor. 

What percentage of Texas workers claimed to be burned out? 

A whopping 77% of respondents from the Lone Star State say they are suffering from burnout. That puts Texas in a two-way tie with Pennsylvania for having the third-most burned-out workers in the country. Only Missouri and North Carolina had higher percentages of workers experiencing burnout.

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