I know some of you are in the "DESTROY ALL SPIDERS" camp, but maybe you could lighten up just a little bit.

There are really only two types of spiders you have to worry about that would be black widows and brown recluses. If you can get those two sorted out, you are free to enjoy all of the other spiders out there.

The non-venomous spiders out there are doing all the good. They are eating up flies, mosquitos, gnats, and other little varmints that are constantly buzzing around your ears and sometimes your food.  This brings us to my favorite spider (if I had a favorite spider) and that would be the Orb Spider.

Image by u_xxy51rfzka from Pixabay
Image by u_xxy51rfzka from Pixabay

Technically there are thousands of different species of Orb Spiders, but for the most part, you know what I'm talking about. They are known for their large orb-shaped webs and for really not causing you any problems other than a large orb-shaped web.

Orb spiders don't care about you. They like to build webs near night lighting, between your house and fence, and sometimes even between blades of tall grass. They are just looking for a place to spin out a large web so they can get some juicy bugs off your hands.

And what's not to like about those cobwebs? Sure walking into one will freak you that heck out, but if it's in the eaves of your house, why not enjoy a little free pest control? Also, I know this may be "a bridge too far" but if they're in your way, why not just relocate them? Just do the math {make friends with one spider>a whole lot less other bugs} and hopefully, you can spare a spider the next time you come across one.

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