The National Hurricane Center is tracking a category 1 hurricane in the Atlantic this morning while it's also monitoring two other areas of disturbed weather for further development. Yeah, the 2020 Hurricane Season just won't stop.

The season has already broken records with the earliest G, H, and I named storms in history. Isaias was designated as a tropical storm on Wednesday and late last night Hurricane Hunter aircraft determined that the storm had intensified to hurricane strength.

The current track forecast for Isaias pulls the storm through the islands of the Bahamas during the day today. Over the weekend the system's outer bands on "the good side" of the storm should brush by Florida's Space Coast. If Isaias does make landfall in the United States it is now looking as if that might happen in the Outer Banks of North Carolina sometime on Monday.

Meanwhile, the National Hurricane Center is monitoring two other tropical waves for development in the Atlantic Basin. One is about halfway between the Windward Islands and the African coast. That system is expected to move on a similar path as Isaias, however, forecasters with the Hurricane Center are only giving it a 20% probability of strengthening into a tropical cyclone over the next five days.

Another area of concern is just off the African coast near the Cape Verde Islands. That system has a little better prognosis for development. It's been given a 40% probability of becoming a tropical cyclone over the next five days. However, that system is expected to remain basically stationary or move only slightly to the north during the forecast period.


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