Look, it's way too early to tell, but I'm not the only one out there who sees something different in this LSU Men's Basketball team after only one exhibition game and a regular season debut. The guys over at SEC Country saw something last night too, granted they were in the house, and have more evidence (including the whiskey bottle reference). There's something happening in Baton Rouge.

Not only did new coach Will Wade have the team looking different, the crowd looked different too. It actually looked more different than any time in the last two decades. Why was that? LSU told everyone last night:

I can see you poking holes in that, and I will admit, that's well short of a sellout, and it was opening night. But you have to understand where the LSU Men's Basketball program in. A year removed from firing their coach, two years removed from wasting the top recruit in the country, and really one bad hire away from crashing this program into the side of a mountain.

So let's make baby-steps, and take little victories.

Getting more people out to a home-opener than at any point in 20 years, that's a baby-step. Beating Alcorn State by 40, that's a little victory. But you keep piling these things up, and you could suddenly have a program of note.

It's only one game, but let's start getting excited for what Will Wade might be putting together with these Tigers.

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