The last time the Dallas Cowboys won a Super Bowl was 1995. They haven't been to the big game since. They've had tons of trips to the playoffs and some great teams...but just haven't been able to get the job done. Is it anyone's fault? Have they just been on a cold streak? Well, arguably there's only one man to blame for the failures of the Cowboys: their owner Jerry Jones.

Now, tons of fan bases hate their team's owner. They signed the wrong guy. They hired the wrong coach. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. But, unlike most football fans, Cowboys fans may have a case against Jerry.

We can talk about how he's overpaid and kept talent he liked, underpaid or fired the ones he didn't (no matter their talent level. Jimmy Johnson ring any bells). The game has changed a lot over the years, yet Jones insists that he and his son act as the team's GM. I mean the list of grievances could go on.

But, I think the biggest reason why Jones is keeping the Cowboys from being successful is that he's calling plays. Sort of. Its been rumored for years that Jones has been making on field, in game decisions. Now, maybe that's not true. But a lot of players, including soon to be free agent (maybe) Cole Beasley, say that Jones and the "Front Office" tell Jason Garrett and the coaching staff who should get the ball.

Now arguably, every front office influences their team's game plan. If you sign a huge free agent, you are sending a clear message to the coaching staff that you want that player used and used often. But, according to former players, it goes a bit beyond that in Dallas. The working theory among football experts is Jones' demands are the reason Jason Garrett still has a job. They could hire a better coach, but they probably couldn't find another guy as loyal who will just take Jerry's orders without batting an eye. Again, the reason Super Bowl winning coach Jimmy Johnson didn't last long in Big D. Jones attempted to inject himself into personnel decisions, Jimmy wasn't having it. So, Jones fired him. Let me correct that statement, Jimmy wasn't fired. It was a "mutual parting of ways".

What's the solution to the 'Jerry Jones problem'? I honestly don't know. There probably isn't one. Its going to take a miracle, really....much like in the early to mid 90s, maybe somehow the Cowboys will manage to field a team so good that even Jerry Jones can't screw it up.

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