You will still have to get your car inspected in Louisiana after we learn the proposed law to do away with inspection stickers is unconstitutional.


State Representative Larry Bagley of Logansport tells KEEL News lobbyists were lining up against him.

Bagley says the current inspection fee was going to be added to your motor vehicle registration, but the state constitution apparently has a cap on how much that fee can be. This change would require a constitutional amendment to change the vehicle registration fee structure.

Bagley says his bill has also faced opposition from a lobbying group representing the inspection stations across the state.  Those businesses make 47% of the money from handling the inspections.

Bagley says he will bring the bill back again in 2021 which will be the next fiscal session when money issues can be discussed. Bagley was hoping to use the money to fund 150 new state troopers in the state.

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