For over 4 decades, the Independence Bowl has been a staple of the Shreveport Community. We've seen some great games and not so great games. We've seen sponsors come and go. The thing that's been consistent about the I-Bowl is that things are always changing and evolving.

Recently, there have been tons of rumors swirling about the Independence Bowl. The SEC and ACC are out. Walk-Ons will no longer be the title sponsor after this year. And the community is concerned about what the future holds for our College Bowl game.

Well, Independence Bowl Chairman Art Carmody joined Tim Fletcher to clear up some of those rumors. Art talks about possible tie-ins, potential match-ups, the search for a new title sponsor and the viability of bowl games like the Independence Bowl moving forward.

It was a great chat. You can hear what the Chairman had to say about the immediate future of the Independence Bowl below.

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