The other day I blogged about a Fantasy Football Draft strategy that has people up in arms. It's called the "No RB Strategy", and it's exactly what it sounds like, you don't take a running back in the first 4-5 rounds.

So today I sat down for a 10 team league draft. Standard scoring, no frills, just meat-and-potatoes fantasy football. I had the 5th pick, so I was right in the middle going both ways. I figured the only way you can safely go this way is if you're outside of the top 2 picks. Because David Johnson and Le'Veon Bell should be the first two picks in every draft.

But since I was in a lesser slot, I figured I'd fire away. My first round pick was:

First Round, #5 - Julio Jones

Felling good about Julio. Should be high-volume here.

Second Round, #5 - Brandin Cooks

I actually had Jordy Nelson targeted, but he went the pick before. Oh well.

Third Round, #5 - Amari Cooper

There was temptation here to take Gronk, but I figure I need to stack high-end, elite WRs to make this thing work.

Fourth Round, #5 - DeAndre Hopkins

At this point, I can see things falling into place around me. Guys grabbed RBs in the first two rounds, and started spreading out. Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady are off the board now, Gronk is gone, and people are running on WRs, because I think they caught on. So now I strike

Fifth Round, #5 - Dalvin Cook

Here we go. I've now got a starting RB, and 5 top level WRs. I have to wait to see how this rolls now. Because if there's not an RB2 in the sixth, I will look QB or TE. Might be "best player available" territory now.

Sixth Round, #5 - Kareem Hunt

I really didn't expect him to be there, and I kind of don't like leaning on two rookies...but the other players out there didn't look as appealing as a guy who has a starting RB job in an Andy Reid offense. So welcome to the squad Kareem!

Seventh Round, #5 - Alshon Jeffery

Look, the QBs I want to target now aren't in this range, so I'm not reaching. Alshon could be a WR1 if Carson Wentz takes the "next step" everyone thinks he will this year. Legit weapon, legit team, legit pick.

Eighth Round, #5 - Ameer Abdullah

Actually, if I would have realized he was on the board still last round, he'd have been my last pick. Thankfully he was here.

Ninth Round, #5 - Mark Ingram

Seriously, how did these RBs end up here? Maybe it was because I was stocking my queue with QBs I wanted and TEs I might need, but I didn't see these guys falling.

Tenth Round, #5 - DeVante Parker

OK, panic pick. I had Derek Carr and Golden Tate lined up, but they went right before me. So I grabbed the best thing I could see. Hope it doesn't hurt down the road.

Eleventh Round, #5 - Andrew Luck

What? Yeah. Sure he's hurt, but he was also a Top 4 Fantasy QB last year. As long as I can get a solid QB to fill the gap, he can miss the first 2-3 games, and STILL be a monster.

Twelfth Round, #5 - Matthew Stafford

Big Money Matt will be able to hold it down while Andrew Luck gets better. Hell, some matchup weeks, I might start Stafford over Luck anyway.

Thirteenth Round, #5 - Chris Hogan

What am I doing? Another WR? Yes, because I want a part of what Tom Brady is going to do this year. Hogan will be a bye-week filler, but I don't want anyone else to have him on their roster.

Fourteenth Round, #5 - Brandon Marshall

I really wanted Bilal Powell here. REALLY wanted him. But he was snatched two picks ahead of me. So I settled on a guy who fits the same mold as what I said about Hogan. I think the Giants can score this year, and I don't want him on anyone else's team.

Fifteenth Round, #5 - Delanie Walker

I got away from paying attention to TEs, so I was pretty shocked to see Delaine Walker still in my queue. This was a pick I couldn't wait to make.

Sixteenth Round, #5 - Terrance West

Kenneth Dixon (La Tech) was placed on season ending IR, which means the Baltimore load is on West and Danny Woodhead. If this was a PPR league, I would have looked at Woodhead rounds ago, but it's not. So getting West rostered as a starter this late didn't hurt me to do.

Seventeenth Round, #5 - John Brown

Filling roster spots with upside at this point.

Eighteenth Round, #5 - Paul Perkins

Again, if I can find starting RBs this late, I will take them.

Nineteenth Round, #5 - Matt Prater

I have two rules on fantasy football kickers: 1. Draft them last 2. Make sure they play indoors. So I got Mr. Prater to kick for this squad.

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