The past couple of weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster for WWE Superstar Seth Rollins. After months of killing time and kicking around the mid-card, he finally started his program with Triple H. The story was starting to pick up momentum...then it all came crashing down when Rollins' surgically repaired knee was re-injured during an attack from Samoa Joe.

Rollins had to miss last year's Wrestlemania due to injury and there is real fear and concern that he may have to sit out his second Mania in a row. Well, at least according to one man, it sounds like things could be turning around for the Architect.

Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer is reporting that Rollins' knee injury isn't as serious as previously thought and that he should be back in 8 weeks or less. Meltzer is also reporting that, currently, all WWE officials are operating with the belief that Triple H v Rollins will take place and have quit discussing possible alternative matches for Hunter.

So, unless Rollins has a major set back during rehab, one of the most anticipated matches of the year will take place in Orlando at Wrestlemania 33 as planned.

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