Your formerly red, black or blue car is now a sickly looking greenish, yellow. Your eyes are itchy and watery. Your nose is red from sneezing and your ears feel like they're going to burst. Yes my friends, it's pollen season in the south.

I'll never forget taking the picture above. We thought we'd use sand bags to weight down the edges of the tarp covering our pool during the winter. Not a good idea. Some of them fell in and mixed with all the pollen from the trees making a nasty sludge. We figured we were better off draining the dang thing and starting fresh. We don't have a pool any more. Pollen and pools are a pain in the butt!

I went to see my doctor about a week and half ago convinced I had an ear infection, but nope, the tree pollen is out of control this year and my daily Zyrtec just wasn't getting it done. My doctor recommended adding Flonase to the mix in addition to the Sudafed PE I was using to help the headache and nausea from my stopped up ears. Yep, I'm tripling up. Another friend of mine is using Zyrtec in the morning, Flonase and then Claritin at night. Dang! I'm not sure if that's advisable, but whatever it takes, right?

With that being said, I ran across this video and it made me laugh. Maybe you can watch it while you're running your car through the car wash for the fifth time this week? I should have invested in one years ago!

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