My inner goddess blossoms during the Fall. Something about the cinnamon and nutmeg scents and the orange/green shades as far as the eye can see awakens her and she shrieks, "FALLLLLL!" But my wallet despretely cries, "nooo..."

Instead of breaking the bank trying to experience all that the Fall season has to offer try doing some of these priceless things instead.

1. Farmers Market! 

Be careful! The wallet will be tempted, but don't fall in to the trap. Instead just wander around soaking up the atmosphere. Plus, there are always free samples of something!

2. Go On a Hike

I prefer the trail next to the Red River, but there is a place for everyone to admire the change of the leaves at any trail or park.

3. Get Cozy at Home

Watch a fun Halloween movie while sipping on hot cocoa. BTW, I highly recommend Monster House or Practical Magic!

4. Free Local Events

In the town where events are almost every weekend and the majority are free entry. Check out some Fall themed events around town. Check out a pumpkin patch and just take pictures. No need to make a mess and carve up anything. Pictures will do just fine.

5. Bake Something!

Nothing screams fall like freshly baked treats. Gingerbread men, pumpkin pie, or even apple crumb cake will send you in an Autumn frenzy.

No need to break the bank getting into the festive spirit. Be smart where you put your money this season.

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