Yes, we're asking you to kiss and tell, but at least your answer is anonymous.

In the dating world, you've probably heard that you must kiss quite a few frogs before you find you prince. This concept comes from a classic fairy tale called "The Frog Prince." Of course, we're not actually out there locking lips with an amphibian who will one day become a prince, but you get the idea.

With the royal wedding right around the corner, it seems that everyone has fair tale love on brain.

A recent survey has determined, on average, how many people one must kiss before finding the one. This survey was conducted by an online casino,, across the pond in Europe and the results were published in the Mirror UK. The results seem to debunk the theory that women have a harder time finding love than men as the average man actually kisses more people before finding the one.

Or maybe they're just more promiscuous.

According to the survey, the average woman kisses 22 people before she finds her soulmate. For men, the average was 25. Both of these numbers seem high to me however, I married my college sweetheart and didn't really have much of a dating life before that. If you're like me and you're having a hard time finding the right one, maybe you just need to kiss more people.

How many people have you kisses or did you kiss before finding the one?

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