Our favorite movie news story in a while is the tale of Jeremy Renner’s CGI arms in his upcoming comedy Tag. Apparently it is true: Renner was injured early in the shoot, and broke both of his arms. Rather than recast, rather than delay, co-star Jon Hamm told Ellen DeGeneres that Renner wore green sleeves on his arms that they could later erase in editing and replace with computerized arms.

Now, Renner’s revealed his side of the story to Entertainment Weekly.

...in a stunt that saw him being chased by Hamm and fellow cast members Ed Helms, Hannibal Buress, and Jake Johnson and racing up the stacked chairs in an attempt to escape. Renner told EW in an April interview that the rigging on the chairs broke and ‘I broke along with it and fell on the ground and broke my arms ... I realized, I think something’s wrong, so I went to the hospital, and they said it was broken, so I got them wrapped up and then I went back to work and did everything I could do to continue on as we did.’

You’ve got to be a pretty serious actor to be so into your part to go “Hm, something seems vaguely wrong. I cannot move or bend my arms. Maybe I should go to the hospital to see if they are broken.” That is beyond method; Renner may actually be an Avenger. 

Tag opens in theaters June 15.

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